Unblock Restricted Ownership Document


Unblock Restricted Ownership Document

Submitting Timing

* Completion time of transaction: a week

Service Beneficiary

Individuals ( UAE Citizen - UAE Resident) - Establishments

Required Documents

  1. - Identification Documents ( Emirates ID + Passport + Family Book ) (Optional) - Property Accomplishment Certificate for Ownership (Mandatory) - Site Plan Document (Mandatory) - Ownership Document (Mandatory)


  1. Applicant submits required documents to attend and pay the required fees, then the employee prints the property and turn it into the Diwan Amiri for approval.

Service Fees

Description Payment Site Amount
Terminate registration of the property fees The Department Fund 2000 AED
Registration fees The Department Fund 50 AED
Packaging fees The Department Fund 10 AED
Issuance Ownership Document Fees Department Fund 1000 AED