Vision: Environment leading real estate serving the overall development purposes.
Mission: Upgrading the real estate sector through a clear and transparent laws and high quality services to ensure the rights of dealers.
Values:  Excellence in performance  |  honesty   |  Respect   |   Initiative  |   Transparency  | Teamwork
Objectives and factors ~
(First goal )
Raise the level of regulation and Land Registration Bureau. [Real estate]

success factors

Laws and regulations Real Estate
Qualified staff

(Second goal)
The development of human cadres and develop skills. [Human resources]

success factors

Salaries, benefits and rewards system
Training centers
Rules and regulations

(Third goal)
Promote real estate stability through clear and transparent reservation investors' rights laws. [Laws]

success factors

private sector
Qualified staff
Laws and regulations


(Fourth goal)
Improve customer service quality that will attract investment and access to customer satisfaction. [Customer service]
success factors

Clear and easy procedures
Qualified staff
private sector

(Fifth goal)
The development of electronic services and update the conservation system. [ electronic services ]

success factors

Infrastructure (electronic archiving)
Qualified staff

The first goal initiatives in accordance with the factors affecting:

Develop a system to regulate the relationships involved in the real estate market. (Laws and regulations, real estate)
Improve real estate registration system and laws governing it in accordance with international standards and comparisons of standard.

(Laws and regulations, real estate)

Attracting human resources with expertise in the field of real estate regulation. (Qualified staff)
Creating an infrastructure of data, statistics and information for the real estate properties that are traded in the emirate.

( Infrastructure )

The second objective initiatives:

Develop a system of rewards and incentives to attract the best talent. (Salaries, benefits and rewards system)
Staff entry in the different training courses and workshops to gain access to a cadre and a professional career.
(Training centers)
Coordination with the centers and training institutes to learn the latest courses available in the labor market. (Training centers)
Exchange visits with other departments to see the modern systems and applicable laws. (Rules and regulations)

Third goal initiatives:

Recruit qualified personnel to boost confidence and achieve customer satisfaction. (Qualified staff)
A review of the division and improve performance and developed continuously. (Qualified staff)
Coordination with real estate offices to brief them on the latest laws and regulations in place. ( private sector )
Establishing clear and transparent laws that guarantee the rights of all parties. (Laws and regulations)

The fourth objective initiatives:

Simplifying procedures and work manuals that explain the treatment required and securities work. (Clear and easy procedure)

The introduction of customer service staff in the art of courses dealing with the public. (Qualified staff)
Communicate with members of the community by doing measured periodically to index performance and the extent of customer satisfaction with the services provided to them. ( private sector )

Fifth goal initiatives:

Create a site for the Department to publicize their services. (Infrastructure)
Complete electronic archive project (infrastructure)
Access to best practices and electronic systems used in other government institutions and benefit from their experiences (the partnership)
Availability of infrastructure, environment, able to accommodate electronic transformation total (infrastructure)

Rehabilitation is capable of managing human cadre and the use of electronic systems (qualified staff)