The rapid development in the United Arab Emirates prompts us seeking to keep pace with development and set off for the development of the emirate and work on innovation and creativity in order to achieve stability,security and sustainable development and makes us an ideal destination for businessmen and investors.Land Department has become the active and effictive department by keep   up and keep pace with the developments and contribute to achieve the vision of His Highness Sheikh / Saud bin Rashid Al Mualla, may God protect him , and His Highness Sheikh / Rashid bin Saud Al Mualla the Lee Prince and Chairman of the Executive Board may God protect him represented with the necessity to read  the current situation,  and to study the future wisely  to achieve the benifites of all  real estate environment parties.The department set laws and legislation  to ensure the preservation of stable and transparent tone that characterizes the real estate environment in the emirate and  leads to keep pace with the rapid developments in this sector and achieve comprehensive development and support the emirate's economy as a whole. And from the importance of the continuous development of communication and networking tools, I take the opportunity to invite all site visitors to contribute with their comments and constructive suggestions via e-mail of the department. Praying to Allah Almighty to help us all to what He loves and  pleases.